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Apple MacBook 12-inch, Gold/1.3GHz DC i5/8GB RAM/256GB SSD/Keyboard Swiss


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Spécifications principales
Light. Years ahead.

Our goal with MacBook was to do the impossible: engineer a full?size experience into the thinnest, lightest Mac notebook yet. And not only is it compact — it’s more powerful than ever. The new MacBook delivers up to 20 percent faster performance with new seventh?generation Intel Core m3, i5, and i7 processors, and up to 50 percent faster SSD storage.

More muscle in every millimeter.

Now equipped with seventh-generation Intel Core processors, MacBook is snappier than ever. From daily tasks like launching apps and opening files to more advanced computing, you can power through your day thanks to faster SSDs and Turbo Boost processing up to 3.6GHz.

We squeezed the most into it. And out of it.

Each component inside MacBook has been meticulously designed to get the most out of an incredibly thin and light enclosure. We chose powerful yet highly efficient processors, and optimized macOS to draw on the processor using as little power as possible. Because no fan is needed to cool the computer, it has more room for battery cells to support you on the go, all day long.


Inside you’ll find seventh-generation Intel Core m3, i5, and i7 processors with 14-nanometer process technology. This lets MacBook expertly combine energy efficiency with the performance needed to take on all sorts of tasks.

Fanless architecture

MacBook was built for virtually silent performance. Its processor runs on just 5 watts of power, which generates less heat and eliminates the need for a fan to cool the computer. Instead, the logic board is seated on an anisotropic graphite sheet that helps disperse any heat. So you won’t hear a thing while your MacBook is hard at work.

Storage and memory

Though its components are tiny, MacBook has an impressive capacity to store the files and run the applications you need every day. With up to 16GB of 1866MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory and up to 512GB of SSD storage, you get an amazingly thin and light notebook with snappy performance.


To achieve all-day battery life, we needed to use every millimeter of space inside MacBook. So we created an innovative terraced battery cell, custom shaped to fit the specific contours of the enclosure. The result is 35 percent more battery cell capacity than would have been possible before.

A Retina display that takes everything to the edge.

The stunning 12-inch Retina display on MacBook is truly something to behold. With over 3 million pixels and edge-to-edge glass, every image leaps off the screen in rich, vibrant detail. All on an amazingly thin Retina display.

To deliver the gorgeous Retina experience, we designed the pixels to create a larger aperture. This lets more light pass through, allowing us to use more energy-efficient LED backlighting, yet achieve the same vivid brightness.

A keyboard refined for an even better hands-on experience.

We believe that a comfortable, full-size keyboard is an essential part of any notebook. To fit one into MacBook, we designed a keyboard from the ground up — including each key and its underlying mechanism. This makes the whole keyboard not only much thinner, but also more comfortable and precise, so your fingers feel right at home.

Enhanced butterfly mechanism. Key to the keyboard.

Now, with our second-generation butterfly mechanism, the keyboard experience is refined for greater comfort and responsiveness. So when your finger strikes a key, it goes down and bounces back with a crisp motion that you’ll appreciate the moment you start typing.

The Force Touch trackpad. Press a little deeper, do a lot more.

The pressure-sensing capabilities of the Force Touch trackpad allow you to tell your MacBook what you want it to do based on subtle differences in pressure. Click anywhere to perform a variety of actions in different apps, all on the same surface, without lifting a finger. And the Taptic Engine provides haptic feedback that adds a sense of touch to what you see on the screen.

Multi-Touch.Precise control at your fingertips.

Multi-Touch gestures make it easy and intuitive to interact with your MacBook. Scroll in any direction, swipe through web pages, pinch, rotate, or Force click to unlock other useful capabilities.

Force click
Click and continue to press on the trackpad to enable new capabilities, like looking up the definition of a word, previewing a file in the Finder, or creating a new Calendar event when you Force click a date in the text of an email.

Gradually add pressure to the trackpad to vary the speed with which you fast-forward through a QuickTime movie or zoom in on a location in Maps.

Pressure-sensitive drawing
Press lightly for a thin stroke or harder for a thick one when marking up a Mail attachment or creating a signature for forms in Preview.

Connect to everything you love. Anywhere you go.

With powerful technologies in an incredibly compact enclosure, MacBook is designed to fit perfectly into a world where just about anything you do with a notebook can be done over the air. For those moments when you do need to plug in, USB-C packs a ton of capability into one small and convenient port.

USB-C. Singularly versatile.

The USB-C port puts everything you need in a port all in one place. It provides charging, speedy USB data transfer (up to 5Gb/s), and video output in a reversible design that’s one-third the size of a USB 3 port, giving you the flexibility to easily connect your favorite devices.

Fully equipped for a wireless world.

MacBook takes full advantage of the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technologies — and with innovative Apple software and services that let you get the most out of them, you can wirelessly connect to the web, transfer files, organize your photos, listen to music, and more.


macOS is the operating system that powers everything you do on a Mac. macOS Sierra introduces Siri to Mac — along with new ways to enjoy your photos, shop more securely online, and work more seamlessly between devices.

Ordinateur portable
30,5 cm (12")
2304 x 1440 pixels
226 pixels par pouce
1,3 GHz
Mémoire vive
8 Go
Support de stockage
256 Go
PCI Express
256 Go
4096 x 2304 pixels
Intel® HD Graphics 615
Intel® HD Graphics
Lecteur optique
802.11a,Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac),802.11b,802.11g,Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
représentation / réalisation
iMovie GarageBand Siri Safari FaceTime iTunes iBooks App Store Time Machine
macOS Mojave
Caractéristiques spéciales du processeur
Lithium Polymère (LiPo)
10 h
41,4 Wh
30 jour(s)
100 - 240 V
50 - 60 Hz
29 W
Poids et dimensions
920 g
280,5 mm
196,5 mm
3,5 mm
1,31 cm
Conditions environnementales
0 - 3000 m
0 - 90%
-25 - 45 °C
10 - 35 °C
0 - 10000 m
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